Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Party of Five

RETRO POST: Originally posted on 9/23/2014

Not including cats (sorry Corgan and Sophie), we are now a Party of Five.  I make that reference, even though I managed to hate that show without ever watching one second of it, because Melissa, Benjamin, Alexander and I have been joined by Evelyn Rae Householder. 

She was born May 18, 2014.  She managed to be born one day before her due date.  Melissa went into labor with Alexander on her due date, but he managed to take his time and arrived past midnight into the next day.  Benjamin was a week early due to a C-section because he couldn't manage to flip around.  Figures.

But she is great.  I don't now how I'll handle the idea of her growing up and dating boys or even picking one to marry.  I might have trouble with that.  I could transition the family Puritan and relieve myself of most of that worry, but 1687 is farther and farther back as the days go by, so it's not altogether practical.  Neither is locking her in her bedroom, so I might have some adjustments to make.  The only thing I know for sure is I have a limited supply of brown hair remaining. 

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