Monday, April 13, 2015

Annoying Things About Breakfast vol. 156

In our ongoing series of things that alternately perplex and annoy me about breakfast, let's discuss the way things are packaged. 

Why do waffles...from Giant grocery store brand, to Eggo's to Kashi's 7-Grain...all come in a bag that is impossible to open?  After fiddling with the bag for several seconds, I eventually end up marring the bag by pulling has hard as I can and tearing it 3 inches down the side, forever ruining any chance of sealing the bag again, inevitably dooming each remaining waffle to freezer burn.

Why are the bags sealed with Gorilla Glue?  And why is that an industry standard??  And while we are there, why are the bags and boxes as small as possible to just contain the contents???  Once you open the bag, it's impossible to wrap it shut again. 

Also related:  cereals that use a foil bag.  Those are guaranteed to split 6 inches down the side.  If OJ can get away with murder, we can figure this out.

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